I’m Oksana Pavlova an online Russian teacher. I grew up in Ukraine speaking Russian and Ukrainian. I am passionate about languages, art, dance, experiencing new cultures and of course teaching. I received a degree in Pedagogy and Sociology with a red diploma, which is given to the student with the best marks. I have worked in a Language Institute for many years. Having the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world ignited my passion to teach my native language and culture to others. I’m so grateful of having the opportunity to work for top level companies and organizations such as Google and Doctors without Borders. Welcome to my classes!


Andrea from Switzerland

“I’m working for the organisation “Doctors Without Borders”. For me it was very important to learn the language, to understand the context, the culture. I had to meet authorities in the Ministry of Health and State Administration where I could understand conversations when we had meetings”.

Vita from UK

“I had a great experience with Oksana as my Russian teacher. I’m now able to go out to the shops and communicate with people very easily in Russian speaking countries”.

Maiko from Japan

“I’ve studied Russian with Oksana for 6 months and I really enjoyed it. I really appreciate it. Now I know not only the language, also she was teaching me about the culture”.

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